Myrtle Snow’s Fabulous Final Words! By the way, “Balenciaga” is a clue for the 4th season B) Research, Research, Research.

Myrtle Snow’s Fabulous Final Words! By the way, “Balenciaga” is a clue for the 4th season B) Research, Research, Research.

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Memories ;-; 

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My take on the Fab 5 and their roles.

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The cast of American Horror Story! I just realized something. Each title card tells you what will happen to each character or clues on the characters.

Cordelia- Next to Sarah Paulson is the symbol of Santa Muerte a folk saint known as ‘Lady of the Seven Powers’ hence the reveal when she is in fact the supreme.

Misty: Is seen portrayed as a devil like image and the name ‘Lily Rabe’ disintegrates, symbolizing Misty’s fate in hell and how she dies.

Myrtle: she is shown with the image of a goat, an animal that is often sacrificed and she indeed sacrifices herself to bring a new dawn/ clean slate for Cordelia’s reign as supreme, also the goat could be a reference to the goats blood Fiona uses to fool people. She uses Myrtle to fool them as well, she is made a scape goat.

Fiona: ‘Jessica Lange’ is shown with the axe man and the image is of him going to kiss her, just how she ends up in her own personal hell.

Kyle: He is shown with the image next to ‘Evan Peters’ of a misunderstood, mysterious, aggressively posed creature, much like he becomes once brought back from the dead.

Zoe: next to Taissas name, there is the image of hanging bodies, just the feet being seen, much like she is when she is impaled after messing too much with her transmutation.

Madison: The devil is shown next to ‘Emma Roberts’ signifying her temptation of her problems, the fact she cannot be trusted and that like the devil she will lose in the end, even when having the upper hand for a while.

Delphine: Kathy Bates is shown with a cat, a cat has nine lives and they have to run out, much like her immortality did, It could also be linked with her skinning of Animals that she admitted to as a child.

Spalding: Next to Dennis O’ Hare the images of people, like a justice in a sentencing when he is killed by Zoe for his lies etc, and with the justice system, Spalding was a witness and that became his crime.


Everything goes the same up until Zoe accidently transmutates herself onto the spire
accidently, meaning she is dead. Madison refuses to resurrect her after Queenie fails.
Queenie, upset, leaves the coven to become the next Voodoo Queen. Madison leaves the
room while Kyle chases after her. She mocks him and mind controls him to jump in front of an incoming car, which he does. The car flips and Madison, using pyrokinisis, makes the car explode, killing Kyle. Myrtle then slits Madison’s throat in order to prevent another Fiona. Cordelia decides to do the 7 Wonders and completes them. Zoe is brought back to life, and Cordelia’s eyesight is brought back; however, she witnesses Madison’s dead body, and Myrtle confesses, going proudly to the flame. Afterwards, Cordelia announces the existence of the coven to the public allowing a numerous amount of young witches to arrive at the house. Zoe opens the doors allowing the witches to enter. Cordelia then meets her dying mother who staged her death. After a heart warming moment, they embrace, only for Fiona to stab Cordelia multiple times in the back in order for her youth and power to return. Fiona returns to her former self and massacres the incoming witches, so a new Supreme can’t flourish. Fiona, however, is chopped into pieces by Zoe who uses the Axeman’s axe for murdering the new witches. Zoe decides to revive Cordelia first, but before she can, Spalding bashes her head in as revenge for killing Fiona. The camera then approaches towards Spalding’s attic where he has a sewed up Fiona as his along with his living doll, the baby. Queenie, now a Voodoo queen, tells Stevie Nicks of Misty’s demise. Stevie, feeling horrible, agrees to allow Queenie to do a spell that will allow Misty’s soul, which is trapped in hell, to enter Stevie’s body meaning that Stevie will have to take Misty’s place in hell. The spell is successful and Misty, now in Stevie’s body, journeys towards the academy only to find countless bodies lying on the floor, including Cordelia’s. Misty attempts to revive her; however, she finds out that her power of resurgence is in Misty’s regular body, not Stevie’s. A sobbing Misty holds Cordelia’s body as the camera turns off.

That was my perfect ending. What’s yours? Use the hashtag “#my perfect ahs finale” so I can reblog it (:




I contacted Papa Legba yesterday and he said the only way Misty could come back is if I offered him five innocent souls….what should I do?

the question should be… any volunteers?

NOBODY is innocent on Tumblr

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Here are some rumors, so far:
~ Aliens
~ Circus
~ Red Scare
~ Communism
~ Freaks
~ Nazi Aftermath

~ Two Different Time Periods: 1950’s & ???
~ Jessica Lange’s Final Season; Practicing Her German Accent
~ Sarah Paulson will return.

Add to the list! Clues have been set out in “Protect The Coven” and “The 7 Wonders.”



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Lily has died 5 times in 3 seasons….

I am not okay with this!

The Writers At American Horror Story:
"Do they like that character?"
"Why don’t we kill that character off multiple times throughout 3 seasons just to fuck with the audience?"
"Lolz. K."

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